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Brexit – Historic Exit of Britain from European Union:

The notion was to produce an integrated economy to promote peace and harmony through free trade, same currency and visa-free travel. This appeared to be a Utopian world; therefore European countries incessantly joined this organization. Up till recent past, it had 28 members, which have been reduced to 27 after the historic exit of Britain from EU, called Brexit.

After The World War II, Europe felt a dire need to look for a solution, which would prohibit these horrific wars in the future. To solve this issue, an organization was established to support the idea of ‘United Europe’-which we all be familiar with as ‘European Union’ today.

In some unfavorable circumstances, David Cameron-the incumbent Prime Minister had to announce a referendum to decide the fate of Great Britain in EU. Both the Labour and Conservative Parties favored to remain in. But some were of the idea that Britain would prosper more without the shackles of EU. They had the notion that Britain gets less and gives more to EU. So, leaving it would be a better choice for their future. Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party strongly supported ‘Vote Leave’.
David Cameron opposed Brexit and said that it was in their favor to remain in, as it gives them 500 million customers on their doorstep, increases job opportunities and promotes stable economic structure.

People who voted for Brexit?

After months of campaigning from both sides, June 23, 2016 marks the day of the historic referendum, which resulted in ‘Brexit’. People who opted for ‘Vote Leave’ stated that it was in their best interest to leave EU, as it had become irrelevant and a burden. Brits need to get control of their policies and agendas.
The results of this referendum were quite close. But Brits decided to leave with 51.9% votes. Some say that it is a horrible decision and a great blow to idea of ‘United Europe’.
Who was right and who was wrong? This is a question that only ‘time’ can answer.

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