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Google Trends 2015 Pakistan – Reham and Ayyan at Top:

Google Trends 2015:

Google Trends 2015 List have been revealed. Have a look here who is leading the numbers in the top 10 most searched persons searched in Pakistan. Google reveals the ranking every year in the month of December. Top listing of every country is provided by the Google to show the what individuals in their country searched the most. Here is the ranking revealed for Pakistan.

1. Reham Khan:

Reham Khan who is a Pakistani Journalist is leading the list of Google Trends 2015 in Pakistan. She is searched the most by Pakistani. The reason behind this was her marriage with the famous Pakistani politician Imran Khan. They both married in the month of January and the Google’s chart showing the most searches in this month. Also, the month of October is much high on the graph, when they both had a divorced.

reham khan - no 1 in Google Trends 2015

2. Ayyan Ali:

Ayyan, the Pakistani model is at number 2 in the ranking in Google Trends 2015. The model girl was caught on the Airport for money laundering more than $200,000. She remained in the jail for about 4 months and then released on a bail. Her relations with the Pakistani Political Party, Pakistan People Party (PPP) were considered much close. Google Trends 2015 showed her second in the most searched person in Pakistan.

ayyan ali

3. Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson is basically a British actress and a model as well. She has been appearing in the Bollywood movies for a more than 4 years. She is just 23 years old in age yet. Amy Jackson appeared in a famous Bollywood release this year, Singh is Bling, in which Akshay Kumar was her co-star. The movie itself left a huge impact on the Box Office and so Amy on the heart of the people.

amy jackson

4. Karishma Tanna:

Karishma Tanna is a renowned Bollywood actress and is in the world of film industry for several years. She is ranked at number 4 in Google Trends 2015 in Pakistan. The reason behind search of the girl is her upcoming movie with Sunny Leone and also her relations with the Upen Patel, Bollywood Actor.

karishma tanna

5. Mira Rajput

The wife of one of the best actors in Bollywood Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput, is in the top 10 Trending persons searched in 2015 by Pakistanis. Shahid and Mira married in 2015, their pictures of the marriage was explored a lot by the individuals on Google.

mira rajput

6. Mandana Karimi:

Ranked at number 6, appeared in the Bollywood film Bhag Jonny, the actress Mandana Karimi. She was born in Tehran, Turkey and yet 27 years old. Her romantic scenes in the movie Bhag Jonny were also one of the reasons being at number six in Google Trends 2015.

mandana karimi

7. Alessandro Volta:

Alessandro Volta was a famous Italian chemist and known as the pioneer of Electricity and power. He was the first who invented the electrical battery. Methane was also discovered by Alessandro Volta.

alessandro volta

8. Gautam Gulati:

Another Bollywood actor, Gautam ranked at number eight in Google Trends 2015 in Pakistan. His relation with Karishma Tanna and the appearance in Big Boss season 8 were the reason for him being at this number in the list.
Gautam Gulati

9. Qandeel Baloch:

Qandeel Baloch, a Pakistani actress and is much infamous for her acts as model and on her Facebook page. She really do several strange things on her Facebook page that never inspired the people.

qandeel baloch

10. Justin Trudeau:

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, became PM in 2015 is a famous personality that has been searched by the Pakistanis in Google Trends 2015. PM was loved by the Canadians and millions of people around the world as he is doing those things, which an ordinary person does.

Justin Trudeau

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