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Immigration to Europe – Reaction against Immigration:

Since the advent of human race, man has been struggling to improve his standards of living. This is the Kundalini behind the progress of the world, which we abode now. But even in these times, some factions of world are more stable and prosperous than other. People are living in under-developed countries make a decision to move to a developed place to have better living situation. Some seek asylum as their own countries are not safe for them anymore. Immigration to first-world countries increased substantially in the later 20th century, owing to the increased efficiency of traveling means.

Europe and America are regarded as the developed portion of the world. Therefore, people tend to move to these places. These places warmly welcomed all the immigrants. But then there has been a sudden droop in the rate of migration, as the bandwagon of terrorism has enveloped the world.

Still, there are a great number of skilled professionals from the third-world countries, who try to migrate to these areas, where they can have the appropriate reward for their services. This attitude has caused severe ‘Brain-Drain’ in their respective countries.

Reactions against Immigration:

Owing to the economic slump, general masses have started to believe that the immigrants are taking over their jobs. It has caused hate and anger for immigrants, in the public. High unemployment rate has triggered people to protest against immigration. This idea has also support of several political leaders of the world.

Donald Trump-Republican candidate for Presidency has enunciated many times in his speech that he would ban all the immigrants and will build a wall to keep the Mexicans outside. Involvement of immigrants in crimes has also strengthened the credos of people who are campaigning against it. Therefore, some countries are proposing change in immigration policies, which will result in less number of immigrants per year.

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