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PIA Strike Ends – What was the Actual issue?

Finally on February 9th 2016, eight days after an excruciatingly agonizing strike held by the staff of Pakistan International Airline has come to a halt on. The Strike was held after the government reached a decision to privatize the country’s national airline service. Staff of Pakistan International Airlines, held protest outside airports around the country, Riots broke out between the staff and police, the result of which caused two people their lives.

Strike Provoked, When?

Owing to the death of two staff member Pakistan International Airline halted all domestic as well as International flights. This caused a loss of RS 2.5 Billion to the national exchequer and caused a massive austerity and resulted in a direly difficult situation for about 0.1 million international and domestic route passengers. Most of whom, were stranded. Although the government took steps which involved invoking a law that banned and illegalized any union related activities or protests, this however did not have much effect as the protesters stood firm and held their stance. The quantum leap towards the faltering of strike came with the help of a Samaritan according to the Leader of protesters Captain Suhail Baloch, although he didn’t name the said person. Moreover the strike was further weakened by a disagreement among the Joint Action Committee, forming multiple groups being formed within the JAC, with divergent opinions on the matter. Furthermore The Pakistan Airlines Pilot Association refused to be a party to the strike and took their own stance of resuming the halted flight operations.

Finally after a stubborn stance for 8 days the Joint Action committee of the protesting Pakistan International Airline staff finally asked their member to call off the strike and resume all operations. Sources say that Joint Action Committee called it off to save face after the Prime Minster refused to hold any talks with the protesting party, the government also managed to resume a few flight operations. The first of these flights to take off was a domestic one, PK308 which departed from Karachi for Islamabad on early Tuesday morning, followed by the restoration of all country wide domestic flight operations.

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